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Semiconductor Surplus/Used Equipment and OEM/2nd Source Spares

Justin BD&L, Inc. is providing you with Surplus/Used Semiconductor Equipment and OEM/2nd Source Spare Parts at a price that will satisfy your reasonable budget in the shortest amount of time. By serving refurbishment, modification, upgrade (scheduler software and hardware), start-up/installation labor service, relocation(decommission, rigging, crating, shipping) for Front-End/Fabrication, Back-End/Assembly, ATE/Automatic Test Equiment and FPD/Flat Panel Display Tools with a business philosophy that pursues the real value of its customers, Justin BD&L, Inc. is now offering you cost-effective solutions to maintain a competitive place in the Semiconductor Manufacturing/Foundry Industry.

Advanced Solutions Provider for Semiconductor and LED Manufacturing Equipment
+ Windows GUI Scheduler Software Solutions for Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment
+ Process Monitoring and Performance Enhancement Products and Solutions
Surplus/Used Equipment
OEM/2nd Source Spares

    Quick Tour to Clean Room Facility

    The Most Advanced Clean Room Facility
    for Equipment Refurbishment/Manufacutring
    near Seoul and Incheon Airport in korea

    Clean Room Lease and Warehousing Available

   Used/Refurbished Equipment Inventory List
   Last updated on March 7, 2014

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